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Diseases are hurdles that may hinder us from living a quality life.  But when you’re diagnosed with diabetes, it’s more challenging. We’re together in this, and we care!

Facts suggest that more than 10% of the total US population suffers from diabetes. It is enough for all of us to get warned and take the best measures possible.

Rochelle Pharmacy is sincerely devoted to supporting and caring for the people who suffer from different types of diabetes. We believe early actions to reduce sugar levels can offer lasting advantages to decreasing problems.

Along with diabetes education, we help patients achieve their objectives through medication sync and Medication Therapy Management (MTM).

Here’s how our Diabetic Services help you live a better life.

Our technicians will help you with regular check-ups and guidance to control sugar levels.

  • A1C testing: We offer A1C testing that is quick and helps us to analyze how medication therapy is working.
  • Checking Vaccinations: We help patients check whether their immunizations are up to date. These include pneumonia, shingles, and also hepatitis B vaccines.
  • Testing guidance: Usually, patients inspect their blood levels at the same time daily. But this method doesn’t present the actual picture of their sugar control. We assist patients with the little details like the perfect timings to test their sugar levels.

Don’t let Diabetes affect your quality of life! We’re here to care for you and help you live better.

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