Vaccination | Rochelle Rx

No more standing in ques! Getting a vaccine shot in Rochelle il is now easier than ever.  All you need to do is book your slot online, and we’ll be ready with your vaccine shot! No ques, no waiting.

Here is the list of vaccines available at Rochelle Pharmacy.

Covid Vaccination is more essential than ever!

Get vaccinated to fight Covid – 19 at Rochelle Pharmacy.

  1. Moderna vaccine
  2. Pfizer vaccine
  3. Janssen vaccine

Vaccines for those over the age of 10:

  1. Influenza vaccine
  2. Tdap & TD vaccine

Vaccines for those over the age of 14:

  1. Haemophilus Influenza (type B)
  2. MMR
  3. Pneumococcal
  4. Zoster
  5. Hep B / Hep A/B
  6. Meningococcal
  7. HPV

There are some measures to take after getting a vaccine shot, and our team of expert technicians will be happy to assist you.